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Welcome a Rescued Animal Into Your Home

Adopt a Family Member Today

The adoption process is in place to make sure BGAR animals, and their potential family succeed.

Most of our rescues have been displaced and/or neglected. It's our job to ensure this will be their final home.

Please see below for our adoption process.

Click the ADOPTABLES TAB to view our available adoptees. It is imperative that you take time and read your potential pet's bio. Our bios give insight, and background for each pet. This will help you to decide if your choice is suitable for your lifestyle.

Fill out the Application Form below.

After your application is approved we will schedule a meet-and-greet. At this time, we can better asses if this pet is right for you and your family. If you have other pet(s), this is a great time to see how everyone interacts with one another.

 For a breakdown of our fee schedule please see the DONATE/CONTACT US TAB.

Requirements to Adopt

Must be at least 21 years of age

Have a valid, government issued, photo ID with your current address

Dog adoptions require a fenced yard or some type of fencing when dog will be outdoors


Name of animal of Interest*




Zip Code**

Phone Home & Cell*

Email Address*

Place of Employment*

Work Phone Number**

How Long at this job**

Spouse/Partner Name**

Spouse Phone Numer*

How did you hear about us?*

What Type of Dog are you looking for?**

What activity level are you looking for in a dog?**

Select an option

How many hours per day will this dog be home alone?**

Where will you keep this dog when home alone?*

Where will this dog sleep?*

What percentage of time will this dog spend outside?**

Do you have a completely fenced back yard?**

Select an option

Current pet's name in home**

What other pet/s currently have? Breed, Gender & Age*

Pets Spayed/Neutered?*

Select an option

Pets Kept Inside or Outside?**

Select an option

How many pets have you owned in the last 5 years?**

Where are those pets now?*

What, in your opinion, would be a reason for giving up a pet?*

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter, other agency, or another person?**

Select an option

Which of these best describes your household?**

Select an option

Do you rent or own?* If you do not own your home, please provide the name, address, and phone number of your landlord. (We will need to see a copy of your lease agreement).*

Select an option

Landlord Name*

Landlord Phone Number

Does your landlord require a pet deposit?*

Select an option

How many adults live in your household?* Relationship to you of each adult living in your household* Age of children living in home**

What type of fence?*

Select an option

Approximate fence height

Select an option

If you had to be away for a lengthy period of time (vacation, emergency, or work travel), who will take care of your dog while you are away?**

Have you used a veterinarian in the past?*

Select an option

Veterinarian's Phone Number**

How long has this been your Veterinarian?*

May we contact your Vet for a reference?**

Select an option

Reference #1*

Reference #2*

Do we have permission to contact your references?**

Select an option

Would you agree to a home visit by a representative of our organization?**

Select an option

Do you agree to contact this rescue if you can no longer keep this dog?*

Select an option

**DISCLAIMER I understand that by submitting this application any, and all fees incurred during this adoption process are NON-REFUNDABLE. If the adoption does not work out, bring the animal back to us and we will find one that will.*

Thank you! Your message was sent successfully.

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